Chandra Ram
Chandra Ram Editor

As Plate’s editor, Chandra lives and breathes food and what’s new in restaurants today. Chandra spent 15+ years in the foodservice industry as a cook and consulting chef before turning to food writing and editing. And, with schooling in journalism, an associate’s degree from The Culinary Institute of America and a sommelier certificate, it’s no wonder Chandra was asked to give the commencement addresses at the CIA and Cordon Bleu schools, to join the James Beard Foundation Award judging committee and to be board president of Meals on Wheels Chicago. Her favorite foods? “Nothing beats fried chicken and champagne,” she says, “though sampling five pizzas, including Neapolitan, pan and deep dish, for my birthday was pretty perfect.”

And when she’s not thinking about food, you may find her 60 feet below the ocean surface, enjoying a moment of zen in her scuba gear.